Our students, technology and projects

SabkaDriverApp: Ridesharing app for senior citizens/patients

 The app provides Aging 2.0 solution to Senior citizens and patients to book a rideshare.

The aging population still needs to be mobile and independent. Between  social events, family gatherings, doctor appointments and recreational activities they are regulating themselves by not driving after dusk, avoiding the highway and busy areas. This app provides Aging 2.0 solution to Sr. Citizensto book a ride. The app could be used by patients to book a ride for their appointed day.

TeleDoctor project: Helping patients in remote places to get second opinion

Providing cost effective healthcare to people through a remote doctor is the goal of Tele-doctor project. The team uses database on doctors and connects them to patients who need second opinion or advise from the doctor.

Blockchain based security

A 4 member team in Trichy is working on creating Blockchain based security for patient records so that we could eliminate the need for logging in and remembering the passwords. 

Technology used: Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle

Driver module for SabkaDriver

We are developing a blockchain based secure module for Driver interactions and selection for a rideshare application.

Technology used: Ethereum, Node.JS 

List of sample projects that students could participate

This list is continuously updated