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AAIWay Happython 2019

We are  announcing an exciting  event called  Happython-2019 for the aspiring programmers.  The goal of this contest is to explore IT solutions that improve the quality of life and increase happiness in the society.

The world is getting connected at a fierce pace. Internet connectivity has reduced the physical distances. However, the spring of humanity is drying gradually in every bosom as people are tethered to the hand-held devices and interactions are becoming virtual. The technological advancements have expanded the dimensions of happiness -  which are driven by consumption.  

HAPPYTHON-2019 is a mission - which is aimed at bringing to the fore the young talent that can spearhead the movement to make this world a place where IT is not just an enabler of the "next unicorn" but also the facilitator of better health, peace , generosity and trust.  It will give you an opportunity to win cash prize, help charity of your choice and receive mentoring and free guidance to pitch your idea to investors in the USA.  

If you believe in harnessing your skills to develop socially relevant applications, register at the link below  and get ready for an exciting opportunity to compete with the best.

AAIWay Happython 2019 Registration

Past events - Technovate

Technovate-2017, an event organized by AAIway in the year 2017,  provided a platform to promote innovation as a discipline and prepare students for a better career in the era of automation.  

Participants from more than 20 elite institutes registered for the event.  

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Registration for future projects


Future AAIWay Project registration link

We have recently completed a project called SabkaDriver that leverages UBER API for Customers, while another project called Tele-Doctor for Healthcare is wrapping up. We are soon starting  a project based on Blockchain. We have exciting new ideas for you to work on.  Please register using the following link if you are interested in joining one of our innovative projects.

Programmer registration for Future project