AAIWay Events and Projects Registration

Ideate to win big!

Technovate-2017, an event organized by AAIway in the year 2017,  provided a platform to promote innovation as a discipline and prepare students for a better career in the era of automation.  

Participants from more than 20 elite colleges registered for the event.  

We have recently completed a project called SabkaDriver that leverages UBER API for Customers, while another project called Tele-Doctor for Healthcare is wrapping up. We are soon starting  a project based on Blockchain. We have exciting new ideas for you to work on.  Please register using the following link if you are interested in joining one of our innovative projects.

Student registration for AAIway future projects

Coding contest - AAIWay Happython 2019

 We are  announcing an  another exciting  event called AAIway Happython - 2019 for the college students.  Please register here to be considered for this "by invitation only event".

The goal of this contest is to explore IT solutions that improve the quality of life and increase happiness in the society.

AAIWay Happython 2019 Registration