Which Green Technology trend will you use as your startup idea for Happython 2020?
October 17, 2020

Which Green Technology trend will you use as your startup idea for Happython 2020?

Which Green Technology trend will you use as your startup idea for Happython 2020?

At this present situation, when nature is at a brink of destruction in all parts of the world, we need technologies that run on green technology systems. Many green technology startups are slowly rising in India to preserve our environment. India still continues to be one of the front runners in generating green technology.

Climate change and energy usage are the need of the hour in India. Also renewable or sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important due to the levels of pollution in the cities of India. So nowadays due to the raised awareness of the situation, multiple startups are being setup and are receiving funding from various pitching competitions all around the globe. So if you are an entrepreneur who is looking for business ideas in this area, you have come to the right place. Read on.

Some of these trends given below are proving to be quite popular under areas of innovation in Green Technology:

  1. Fuel cell car batteries:

Fuel cell is basically an alternative for gasoline or diesel powered car batteries. Having no gas tanks or tailpipes decreases pollution contribution from cars to almost 0 and this is what happens for electronic cars. They mostly work on lithium-ion power units or fuel cells.

Removing the number of cars working on diesel and petrol will significantly lead to the decrease in air pollution across the country.

  1. Mobile software:

Cloud computing systems are giving users the option to store data on a cloud instead of being reliant on a particular computer. People can add information and simply share the cloud access with their friends, colleagues or employers. It is an extremely sustainable technology because of these reasons:

  • Employees are seen to use their machines for a long time per day and leave their machines on, even when they are away. This leads to a huge wastage of power especially when nobody is using it. With such energy intensive servers having centralized data submission options, businesses can get rid of expensive electricity bills
  • By replacing physical servers with cloud-based servers, the need to access information from one source becomes redundant. Employees can now access information from their phones and tablets as well. This will also lead to lesser printing, which would be combating deforestation and paper waste
  1. Sorting technologies:

Due to the inability to convert plastics, people simply leave it on landfills and in the oceans. Deep learning machines have the capability to sort disposables with increased efficiency and decision making. Many materials may slip past human sorters but smart machines won’t let that happen. A machine has been developed by MIT to sort trash with 85% accuracy.

This enhances the current methods of waste identification and ensures a cleaner and nature-friendly process.

You may be having some more unique ideas such as these in Green technology and we are more than happy to learn about it.

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