Entrepreneurship during Economic Transitions – Riding the Wave

Inside a secret to entrepreneurship!

  • Would you like to know the impact of the economic crisis of COVID-19 on entrepreneurship?
  • Is there a way to capitalize on an opportunity for entrepreneurs during this pandemic situation?
  • Which type of entrepreneurs will survive post-COVID phase? and Why?

There’s only one way to find out –
Join us for the FREE webinar session with an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur and an ex CFO/CIO on 29th September 2020.

The webinar will kick off at 4 pm Indian Standard Time, and it will be hosted by entrepreneurial expert Myron Karasik . With more than 48+ years of industry experience in the US market with a strong strategic, operations and marketing expertise.

He will be giving an expert talk on –

Entrepreneurship During Economic Transitions – Riding the Wave.”

He will be sharing his experience and guiding the budding entrepreneurs through this tough phases of economic crisis caused by the global pandemic of COVID-19.

Myron Karasik’s Experience:
Board Member Cipo Capital
EX-CFO Lindora (weight loss chain);
Ex-CFO EMSO, ASC developer/manager
Ex CIO and Chair of Strategy Committee – Plymouth Rock Company (P&C Insurance)
Ex-COO Sutter Corp. – biomed mfg/homecare; ‘seed’ of Columbia Healthcare/HCA
Ex CIO Of Kirkland & Ellis and Cozen & O’Connor (Law)
Co-founder of EDI software company, Founder of Software Certification Co.
Co-Author of ANSI/IEEE SQA standards
Author of Chapter 11, Predicting the Future in Science, Economics and Politics (Edward Elgar Press, Oct 2014)

Expert Talk on Entrepreneurship during Economic Transitions – Riding the Wave

Date : 29th September 2020

Time : 4 pm Indian Standard Time.

Registration Charges : Free

We at AYEG are starting this new series of webinars, where we will be regularly bringing you to experts who have inspired and influenced a vast majority of people in their specific fields. This is not a place where you only listen to a person talk. You have questions to be answered, you ask and they will guide you to their best!


Hurry Up!!!! Limited Seats on first come first basis.

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