Tele Doctor
April 11, 2020

Tele Doctor

Discover Tele-doctor project: Helping patients in remote places to get medical advice

You won’t have to think about time, transportation or energy to travel to doctor’s clinic. These obstructions can disrupt your general flow getting the indispensable clinical consultation they need. Today, however, they are being toppled by a dynamic thoughts and initiatives that is changing the manner in which medical services are provided for you. Our team together took an initiative and came up with the solution for your great problems that have not been acknowledged yet completely. India accounts for an astounding 29% of global deaths of newborns on their very first day of birth, mostly in remote village.

What if we could provide remote tele-support to midwives to get help from a doctor during the complications of child birth?

Tele-doctor app provides an interface on phone to connect with remote doctors. It could also be used for second opinion saving the patient’s time and cost of travel. Tele-Doctor holds noteworthy guarantee to give qualified clinical consideration without the time and bother of driving to and from arrangements. It can carry clinical consideration into the home without being genuinely present just to meet some essential and critical consideration needs.

Providing cost effective healthcare to people through a remote doctor is the goal of Tele-doctor project. The team uses database of doctors and connects them to patients who need second opinion or advice from the doctor. The deficiency of essential consideration suppliers in country and remote zones, joined with a aging population gives plentiful chance for tele-support to prosper.

In spite of the hindrances still in play, the advantages of medical support through tele-communication can’t be overlooked. Through the improvement of vital, industry wide accepted procedures and guidelines, social insurance experts can augment the awards of tele-health while saving the supplier understanding relationship that is as yet the establishment of top notch medicinal services.