Tech trends that are helping us get through the pandemic
October 24, 2020

Tech trends that are helping us get through the pandemic

Technology hasn’t been able to stop the pandemic but it has made our lives easier from its onset. It helps us manage the crisis more effectively. COVID-19 has impacted our lives massively in all its spheres and it has been impossible to carry on our daily lives as we used to, after the onset of the lockdown. It helped reduce the spread of the virus along with supporting businesses to stay open. Moreover technology has played a major role in keeping our society functional in these trying times.
Many startups are currently working on new business ideas- day and night to make our lives easier during this pandemic. Many of them have already received funding from various pitching competitions from all over India. These technologies have an incessant need at present and so the demand is exceedingly high. So if you are an entrepreneur looking for a business idea in this sector, you have come to the right place. Read on.
We have listed some technological trends that have been extremely useful during the pandemic and helped to build a resilient society:
1. Online shopping platforms and contactless deliveries:
E commerce has become a must have for most businesses around the world due to the ongoing pandemic. This is being supported massively by robust logistic systems. Hence, technology plays the main role here. From showing offers and search results to collecting payments, a huge amount of secure technology is required which makes these processes glitch free.
Also many delivery companies are utilizing bots in US and China for contactless deliveries and this is slowly becoming an effective option for the increased demand of goods delivered to your doorstep.
The online shopping platforms have experienced a huge surge during the pandemic and many new users have been enrolling themselves on these platforms nowadays leading to a huge demand of e commerce technologies all over the globe.

2. Distance learning:
Due to the closing of schools and universities, the lives of more than 1.57 billion students have been affected all over the globe. These educational institutions have shifted towards the online mode of teaching and hence extensive usage and download of the distance learning apps were seen during the pandemic. Technologies revolving around online teaching including scanners, printers, laptops and other devices have been become the need of the hour for students learning from home along with the instructors teaching them.

3. Online healthcare:
Hospitals are the most dreaded places for people to visit during the pandemic but the lives of so many people can’t just come to a halt with the onset of the pandemic. Regular checkups and doctor consultations have been shifted to the online mode for many hospitals and clinics. The hospitals and their beds have mostly been dedicated to the patients with severe conditions and the others have been receiving consultations online. Wearable IoT devices are helping to track vital signs and technologies like chatbots are making the diagnosis of early symptoms possible.

4. Contactless payments:
Since using cash has an increased chance of passing on the virus or contracting it from the person with whom you are dealing your business with, contactless payment options like Wi-Fi enabled cards, e-wallets are the recommended payment methods nowadays. These digital payments also depend on the internet availability, devices and network used for the processes so all the technologies are being worked upon to make them stronger than before for making these methods more effective.
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