LinkedIn profile building #107
November 5, 2020

LinkedIn profile building #107

LinkedIn profile building #107

Showcase your accomplishments with work experience

– Eight, five, and 10.

What do these numbers have in common?  They represent LinkedIn data that highlight the importance of adding your most up-to-date work experience to your profile.

Let’s start with the number eight.  Did you know that adding a current position to your LinkedIn profile means you’ll receive up to eight times more profile views?  Let’s say you’re just graduated from college and you landed your first job.  Add that.  Or maybe you changed companies after 10 years.  Add that in as well.  So, what does eight times more profile views mean to you?  Well, that’s eight times more people, such as recruiters, hiring managers, colleagues, and mentors looking at your profile.  With each view, that’s more potential new opportunities, such as new connections, new partnerships, and maybe even new speaking opportunities, to name a few.

Add to that the number five.  You receive up to five times more connection requests when adding updated work experience to your profile.  For example, perhaps you recently moved to a new role and team within your current company.  Update your current position to reflect your new role.  You always want to keep your current position up to date on your profile.  Making a simple update like this can significantly help you to grow your community on LinkedIn. Pretty incredible, right?

And lastly, our most compelling number, 10.  Simply adding or updating your current position on LinkedIn can lead to up to 10 times more messages that create opportunity for you. The data tells a compelling story, right?  Now that you know the importance of updating your current work experience on LinkedIn!

Let’s talk about how you actually do it.  First, it’s great to describe what you do in your day-to-day role but what’s even better is to highlight the results you drove, the impact you had, or the change you led.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is your moment to shine and bring your professional story to life.  This isn’t your resume, so it shouldn’t read like one.  Use short concise paragraphs in a story format and only bring in bullet points to emphasize key results, metrics, and impact.  Everyone’s got a story to tell, so use your work experience section to lean in and own your story.  Speak to your experience while also showcasing how you drive results, impact, and change.  I can’t wait to read your story.