Information & Cyber Security
May 3, 2020

Information & Cyber Security

What is Blockchain technology in information and cybersecurity?

It is an extremely viable and nearly impenetrable technology that protects data of businesses, education, healthcare, and other industries from cyber attacks and improves cybersecurity. This technology has spread worldwide and people have started to implement this in all industries, to increase cybersecurity.

How does Blockchain keep information protected?

The blockchain technology helps to protect data in the following ways:

  • Decentralized storage: Most businesses and industries compile a huge amount of sensitive data about their clients or consumers. This data becomes easily accessible to hackers if kept in one place. Here blockchain-based storage strategies come to the rescue. This technology is designed in such a way that there remains no centralized storage location or central authority. Every user on the network is responsible for storing some parts of the data on the blockchain and verifying any new data that is stored. Each of the users needs to make sure that no false data is added and no existing data is removed or tampered with. 
  • Keeping track of every change: If someone who is not the rightful owner to a particular piece of data, like a hacker tries to tamper with any block, the system scrutinizes every single block of data and figures out the one which doesn’t match with the rest. If such a block is found, it is simply eliminated from the chain and is established to be false. Hence the existing data cannot be altered and claimed as legitimate 
  • Having backups of the data in various locations: The copies of the original data will be stored locally as most computers of the blockchain will be frequently downloading the available data. Even if a breach of information occurs anytime, multiple computers will be having the backups of the original information.
  • Preventing identity theft: Nobody can claim someone else’s data to be theirs as each user has a private key with advanced encryption technology. The computer itself authenticates the data and in this way, hackers cannot get entry to the system by trying to steal someone’s identity. 
  • A secure DNS: Generally DNS being extremely centralized can be used to the hacker’s benefits. They can break into the connection between the IP address and website name creating chaos. A blockchain system prevents this largely by increasing the security system by decentralizing the DNS. It distributed the content to a large number of nodes making it impossible for the hackers to break-in. Only registered owners will be having domain editing rights and no one else will be able to make changes to the pertaining information on the domain. Also, since every user on the network will be having a copy of the entire data, it is virtually impossible to destroy it completely.

Use of Blockchain Cybersecurity:

This technology is used by many companies from all types of industries to improve their cybersecurity and it is becoming a part of various fields beyond cryptocurrencies. It is widely used nowadays in the following fields of:

  • Money transfers
  • Online purchases
  • Real estate
  • Cloud storage
  • Stock investments
  • Business agreements
  • Sports betting
  • The Internet of Things

Using blockchain technology for cybersecurity in your business:

AAIWAY provides blockchain services for improving the cybersecurity of your business. By the application of uncompromising encryption and data distribution protocols on the network, AAIWAY ensures that all information and data of your business will stay intact and out of the reach of hackers. Consider using this technology in order to protect:

  • Critical and sensitive data of your organization
  • Smart assets
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Smart contracts

AAIWAY will handle your blockchain security for you. It will help to protect your data and will prevent cyber attacks by maintaining impenetrable cybersecurity for your business.