InCred’s journey towards success
November 20, 2020

InCred’s journey towards success


InCred is a popular Fintech platform that offers consumer and MSME loans. Recently it had managed to raise around Rs.500 crore funding from multiple private sector banks and public financial institutions. After the $86 million raised in April 2019, it was the fourth round of funding received in the past 9 months by InCred. So it is a startup flourishing at present. But do you know the story behind its success?

InCred has an equity base of around 1000 crore with huge backing from investors including the Dutch development bank FMO, Moore Capital from the USA, Investcorp Bahrain, Oaks Capital, and others including Ranjan Pai of Manipal and Anshu Jain, Ex CEO of Deutsche Bank. This funding supports them in expanding and endorsing their business model to let the world know of their vision.

InCred’s journey towards success:

Bhupinder Singh, the founder of InCred had spent 12-15 months researching the market and gathering the right talent for receiving funding before launching the product. With his determination, he managed to raise a funding of $75 million before launching his product in March 2017.

In an interview, Singh mentioned: “I had to set the architecture of the business model before getting equity in place and convincing people to join. And I had to ensure I hired the best talent. I was juggling all these balls.”

Funding raised:

In late 2019, InCred had raised three back to back debt founding rounds of around $200 million that included an $85 million Series A round in April from investors like the former co-CEO of Deutsche Bank, asset manager Moore Capital and Paragon Partners.

Vivek Bansal, Group CFO of InCred said “InCred is strengthening its funding base to support its growth vision. The recently concluded debt issuance is an endorsement of our business model, risk and analytics philosophy, and our prudent ALM policies.”

So, InCred currently wishes to deploy the funding raised for expanding across segments in the consumer, education, and MSME markets.

Moreover, InCred has been evolving rapidly with even advanced features at present in the application that keeps up with the changing needs of the customers. Hence the user base is increasing massively with every new sign up.

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