Happython 2020

Happython, 2020 is an event conducted by the AAIWAY team to promote startups and encourage digital social innovations. We invite young talented entrepreneurs from all around the globe to bring forth innovative startup ideas.

Happython 2020’s Theme

Unemployment is a major problem prevailing in our Indian communities. Hundreds of professionals are struggling every day to get a job. We aim at removing unemployment from our society by creating new jobs so that every day more and more lives are transformed. The winning startups of Happython will be funded and they will get a chance to convert their innovative ideas into commercial entities.

Main goal of Happython

This event is being conducted for the past two years to increase the happiness index of various communities of the country and help in the growth of India’s economy. We challenge the young entrepreneurs and the app developer community to come up with startup ideas that would create a major impact on society. Also, participants and investors from all over the globe will be taking part in this event.

Who can participate?

  • Early growth, seed and start-up stage can participate at this event.
  • Students interested in entrepreneurship are highly encouraged to participate with some innovative ideas.

Why should one participate in Happython 2020?

For startup entrepreneurs, pitching competitions are like a bucket list item that seems terrifying and exciting in the first place. Joining these Startup Pitch Competitions may be the only way for you to land your business where it is supposed to.

These pitching competitions bring opportunities for you to pitch to multiple investors, gain valuable feedback, and have an enriching exposure. You can potentially expand your network and build partnerships, but most importantly you will be getting a chance to secure funding for accelerating your business.

We, at AAIWay– are planning to shortlist 100 startups, from various parts of the globe working on different industry verticals for solving one or multiple problems. These startups will further present their ideas during Happython 2020 to the panel consisting of experts from the industry. Finally, the startups of Happython which can come up with innovative ideas to attract the seed investors will be funded by various stakeholders from the AAIWay fraternity. The initial seed fund will help in starting your business and seeing your ideas turn into reality.

Areas of Innovation:

The different thematic areas in which startup ideas will be encouraged, includes:

Healthcare and automation:

In India, we are in immense need of proper healthcare startups. Startup ideas that benefit the masses and create an impact on society will be encouraged. Also hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical companies are slowly increasing the use of artificial intelligence for keeping a track of and improving patient health.

A few major factors are the large number of applications of AI solutions across provider settings; the ability of AI systems to improve care delivery, patient experience, and bring down costs; and growing adoption of electronic health records by healthcare organizations. AI-based tools, such as voice recognition software and clinical decision support systems, help streamline workflow processes in hospitals, lower cost, improve care delivery, and enhance patient experience.


While robotics has already been a fast-growing area for years, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique opportunity to bring automation to the front line of many businesses and homes. With many organizations turning to next-generation technologies to increase efficiencies while limiting human-to-human contact, we have witnessed the value of autonomous robots and drones in fighting this disease.

Robotics mainly deals with the technologies used for substituting human activities by automating tasks. It includes Artificial Intelligence which is a branch of computer science that deals with giving machines the power to mimic human intelligence. Robotics startups are mostly working on a variety of products, including autonomous vehicles, mobile robots for construction, toy robots, and software to give robots common sense and make them easier to use.

Green Technology:

Green technology seeks to leverage technology for creating environment friendly products to encourage social awareness. These ventures typically have founders with the passion and drive to rise above challenges, and they can grow fast while helping to protect the health of humanity and Earth.

They are known to be environment friendly production processes. These innovations target to solve some prevailing environmental problems. They do so by utilizing recycling methods, renewable resources, and safety and health concerns.

Automation & Electronic Communication:

Automation is the technology created to make the controlling and monitoring of goods and products easier by replacing human workforce by technology.With the challenges of tight IT budgets and scarcer technical talent, it’s becoming imperative for enterprise network pros to embrace automation of processes and the way infrastructure responds to changing network traffic. Not only can automation help address these problems, they can also improve overall application-response time by anticipating and addressing looming congestion.

Modern applications, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and architectures that incorporate IoT and hybrid cloud have yet to reach their true potential because network capacity seems to always lag behind demand. Electronic communication can include computer-mediated communication, control and communication systems, advanced communication, etc.

Others: These include innovative ideas for commercial startups-

These include innovative ideas for commercial startups-

Social innovations are welcome for helping people in a multitude of ways. Moreover, the startups must have a clear aim and the ideas must be innovative.

Submission process:

To participate in Happython 2020, participants need to go to the official webpage of AAIWay: http://aaiway.com/

To complete signing up, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the Home Page of AAIWay India and click on the Happython event bar
  2. You will be seeing a “Register Now” option on that page
  3. On clicking that button, you will be redirected to the Google Form in which you need to enter the required details
  4. On completing all the required fields, click on Submit
  5. Yes, you have now officially signed up for Happython 2020!

AYEG – AAIWay’s Young Entrepreneur’s Group

AYEG – AAIWay’s Young Entrepreneur’s Group is an initiative by AAIWay for the students and young professionals who are interested in entrepreneurship.

Inspired by the emerging startups all around us, budding entrepreneurs like us are eager to learn from them. AYEG is a platform where we invite young talented engineers and entrepreneurs from universities situated all over the globe to bring forth innovative startup ideas and be a part of this group.

By forming this group, we aim at promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in various universities from all over the world. We want to hear your stories, startup ideas even if you are just beginners in this field. These stories or ideas could be of commercial ventures, social ventures and can even be personal projects- anything that had a major impact on you.

If you have any such stories or startup ideas, do let us know. If your idea succeeds in catching our attention, we will be funding you and will be working with you on it. By being a part of AYEG, you will be receiving entrepreneurial mentorship, and guidance on various aspects of building a startup from expert advisors. It is a solid platform where you can work towards your passion with the people having interests that are similar to yours. We will be providing full-fledged support in developing your respective interests and promoting it. You will be meeting like-minded individuals in the group with whom you can exchange your ideas and viewpoints on your respective interest groups.

So if you are interested you can go to the AYEG page and check out more details on this initiative and the best part is that it is free!

Looking back at Happython 2019

Happython 2019 was concluded on the 9th of March with the felicitation of Mr. Rakesh Jain and Mr. Vinay Dalal who were two budding entrepreneurs with the zeal for developing technologies that will positively influence our society and make our lives easier. Moreover the competition was hosted in association with the Happiness department of the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

The event was a successful one where many students and young professionals from all over the globe had participated. We are looking forward to an even more exciting event this year! So if you really want to grasp this golden opportunity for securing an initial seed fund for your business idea to take off, do not forget to register for Happython 2020.

Not just another pitch event

Happython 2020