Why you should be part of Happython 2020 ?

Nurturing Ecosystem – Bringing all stakeholders together on a common platform

For startup that creates a better future

Involves the Startup, Mentors and Investors from all over the world

A Community platform committed to increase the Happiness Index of the society

Happython 2020

Startup Pitching

Happython 2020 – Startup Pitch 2020


Not just another pitch event

Happython, 2020 is an event conducted by the AAIWAY team to promote startups and encourage digital social innovations. We invite young talented engineers and entrepreneurs from all around the globe to bring forth innovative startup ideas.

Startups that register for the event will:

  • Be a part of AAIWAY’s Happython Alums Social Group and connect with past competitions’ semi-finalists and finalists.
  • Join AAIWAY Young Entrepreneurs Group (AYEG) Membership which will give access to the latest insights in the entrepreneurial world, amazing networking opportunity and expert sessions.
  • Attend AAIWAY’s Conference in one of the largest gathering within the Healthcare and Entrepreneurs sector.
  • A chance to be a part of Ideation sessions with the brightest minds of our community.
  • Enjoy networking opportunities with potential angel investors, venture capitalists, high growth entrepreneurs, potential partners, access to clients, Corporation Executives and SME business owners at AAIWAY’s Happython Pitch event 2020.

Finalists will receive:

  • Funding opportunities.
  • 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with our successful expert entrepreneurs.
  • PR articles on AAIWAY website and credible marketing value to finalists.
  • Startup names on AAIWAY’s “Happython 2020” site and social media platforms.
  • One-on-one advisory meetings with AYEG professional mentors to help guide your business strategy.
  • Matched mentorship opportunities and ability to gain business guidance from those who have expertly pioneered your industry.


“Preparing for the pitch competition helped me hone in on effectively relaying our value proposition effectively to an audience. The subsequent advisory meetings pushed me to focus on one vertical for our technology”
– Vinay Dalal, Winner Happython 2019

“The competition provided a friendly environment to pitch and get to know other startups. I connected with a couple of mentors who I still meet with regularly and one who invested in our startup.”
– Rakesh Jain, Winner Happython 2019

“It (AAIWAY’s young entrepreneurs group) helped us bootstrap until we generated revenue and the mentors gave critical advice throughout the development of our venture”
– Gaurav Shahi


AYEG Legacy 

Happython-2019: 2 Winners from the Competition

Mr. Vinay Dalal for Mera Hunar, HR app for unorganized labor for the state of Himachal Pradesh in India

Mera Hunar’ is a web based platform for Himachal Pradesh government where the skilled, semi-skilled persons can apply for various jobs as per their convenience like plumber, carpenter, mechanic, security guards, drivers, tourists guides, etc online. The platform is available both in English and Hindi.

Mr. Rakesh Jain for Project Aahar, App to distribute surplus food among needy & hungry people in MP, India

Rakesh Jain is the Director of INFOCRATS Web solutions Pvt. Ltd, Keen to give back and contribute to the society, Rakesh Jain is involved in several social initiatives. He has worked with administration to help develop projects like CitizenCOP, Aahar, Vidhyadaan as initiatives for development of the society.