Driver module for SabkaDriver
April 11, 2020

Driver module for SabkaDriver

AAIWAY presents the “SabkaDriver” app which will be your companion for easy traveling during old age and will provide safe transportation during emergencies. This is an initiative by AAIWAY for the betterment of the society. Many volunteers work day and night to help the senior citizens while traveling, going for routine checkups, or during emergencies.

What is the app all about?

If you don’t own a personal car or you cannot drive it for health issues, SabkaDriver is at your rescue. This app is an easily accessible solution and is free of cost for senior citizens or patients. It has all the necessary types of equipment for supporting senior citizens while traveling.

Why use this app?

The SabkaDriver facilities can be availed by senior citizens for the following cases:

  • Want to go for a meeting with your friends and socialize, but can’t drive to reach your destination? Just book a car from the app and it will pick you up and drop you to your destination. It can also drop you back to your home after your meeting is over.
  • Have to go for routine medical checkups but don’t prefer using public transport? The answer is booking a ride from the SabkaDriver app. The vehicles are equipped with all the necessary components required for aged people to travel safely.
  • In case of emergencies, transportation may not be available at an odd hour. Just book a ride from this app and the vehicle will be reaching your location soon. The well-equipped vehicles with medical facilities are specially designed for providing support during emergencies to patients. They will take you to your desired hospital with utmost care.
  • For middle-aged people in the case of cardiac arrest, first degree burns, fractures, stroke, etc medical emergencies, SabkaDriver is there for you. Do not hesitate to book a ride during such cases and we will be happy to help you reach the hospital at the earliest.
  • Technology used: Node.JS, Metamask 
  • Year 2019: We  developed a blockchain based secure module for Driver interactions and selection for a rideshare application.

Not having a personal vehicle or not knowing how to drive during your old age will never be a matter of concern again. Install this app in your devices and make SabkaDriver your companion while traveling for leisure at old age or in case of emergencies.