Digital Social Innovation
May 3, 2020

Digital Social Innovation

AAIWay promotes education for Young Social Innovators

We want to give everybody an opportunity to use their creativity to respond to social issues and contribute to building a fairer, more caring and equal society. Everything we have ever created has been designed with this purpose. To achieve this, we empower and support young people to realize their potential as social innovators, giving them the skills and confidence to tackle the social issues facing them, their communities and wider society. Social innovation learning builds well being among young people and communities and helps build a more inclusive, empathetic, fair society.

We believe that social innovation is a powerful thing

AAIWay is the pioneer of social innovation which is unique. It puts young people in the driving seat. It asks them to examine the world through a new lens and to imagine the type of society they would like to live in – one that is more caring, equal and fair. But more than that, it challenges them to put their ideas into practice and to bring their vision to reality. It is about taking ideas and putting them into action. It is about working together as a team. Sometimes failing. Sometimes starting again. But always learning. And learning by doing.

We have seen the impact that it has had on young people, educators, schools and communities. We have seen transformations take place and real and lasting change created.

We have seen the development of confident and creative young people now equipped with the tools required for life in the 21st century. And they will do great things.

And we will continue to be very proud of each and every one of them.

Our Happython annual event ignites Young Social Innovators to change the world for good! At the heart of the Happython event is the development of active, creative citizens.  And it is active, creative citizens who will lead the transformation of society.