Blockchain Based Security
April 11, 2020

Blockchain Based Security

In the year 2019, a 4 member team of AAIWAY had worked on creating Blockchain-based security for patient records in Trichy. The purpose of this is to eliminate the need for logging in and remembering the passwords. The sensitive information about patients, stored in the hospital records is protected by using blockchain-based security. The technologies which were used for developing this were Ethereum, Solidity, and Truffle.

What is blockchain-based security?

Cyber crimes are the largest threats to every company in the world, irrespective of the industry, costing businesses and individuals around $500 billion a year. Hence it has become an utmost necessity to follow reliable cyber security protocols. Blockchain is a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that improves the cyber security of a system.

Blocks, which are the small sets of transactions taking place within the system, play the main role in this form of technology. Reference of the previous transactions is stored by inserting a SHA-256 hash to it, in each new block. In this way, a chain of blocks is formed giving it the name – “Blockchain”.

Why use this technology?

Blockchain provides very hard to tamper – ledger records and is responsible for building trust in an otherwise untrustworthy ecosystem. The benefits of using this technology for increasing cyber security are as follows:

  • In blockchain-based security, transactions are stored into immutable records that are dispersed across various participant nodes. Records being stored in a decentralized manner make it a potentially strong cyber security technology.
  • Transparent ledgers grant access to data, without asking for a password. Ledgers create a single source using bio metrics including fingerprints and retina scans which ensure the impenetrable safety of sensitive data.
  • The public record-keeping system of blockchain gives each node an insight into any data manipulation which may be taking place. This exposes potential cyber crime attempts.

What is the importance of blockchain-based cyber security in healthcare?

Healthcare encounters twice the amount of cyber attacks than any other industry. This industry retains the banking details along with crucial health records of the patient. Criminals find health records more attractive as they can be sold at a high price in the black market (around $50 per record). Hence the healthcare industry is constantly in need of an improved level of cyber security which is provided by blockchain-based security.

The decentralized nature of this technology makes it impossible for hackers to obtain complete patient records. Sensitive information is broken into smaller parts allowing certain individuals access to certain parts of it. Only by combining the sub parts will the hacker be able to obtain the complete health record of the patient which makes this technology impenetrable.

Hence only certain medical professionals having access to the parts of the data will be able to view the patient’s medical records securely and chronologically, when blockchain-based security is used efficiently.