Agricultural technology trends
October 21, 2020

Agricultural technology trends

The agricultural industry is slowly making use of the technologies that help farmers carry on their work efficiently with increased revenue. Farmers and ranchers are implementing modern technologies to increase their yield of crops, raise more animals on land, control potential pests and crop diseases and utilize data collected to make more planned decisions.

India is an agricultural country where the livelihood of more than 80% of the population of rural India depends on agriculture and its allied activities. Hence startups all around this country are working on developing more advanced technologies in this area of innovation. Due to its increased demand, agriculture technology startups are winning funding from various pitching competitions around the globe. So if you are an entrepreneur looking for innovative ideas on agricultural trends, you have come to the right place. Read on.

In 2020, the demand for using technology in agriculture has increased massively along with the release of 4.0 generation of agricultural technology. Some trends in this area of innovation are as follows:

  1. Artificial Intelligence:

The inclusion of an immensely smart technology like AI has changed the way agriculture sectors work. From sowing seeds to monitoring soil conditions, usage of water and weather, AI continues to supply next-generation farming solutions. It helps farmers utilize the collected data to make better decisions. Also, bots having AI capacities can identify diseases in crops and cattle. This helps the farmers take decisions and reduce the damage sufficiently.

  1. Big Data:

With the growing population, the requirement of food production increases by great heights. To keep up with the demand, farmers have to increase their farm yield sufficiently and stay aware of crop diseases that can reduce the yield. Big data in agriculture is slowly gaining momentum and is predicted to have a huge impact in the coming years. It helps in yield prediction accurately by utilizing mathematical analysis of the data revolving the crops. These insights help farmers decide when and what to plant that would be most beneficial for them. Sensors are utilized to monitor crops remotely and this decreases manual labor by a great extent.

  1. Drones:

Drones are having an increased important for their power of aerial surveillance. Hence UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are technologies that are becoming quite popular in agricultural fields at present. It is bringing in the concept of smart farming with the help of software-centric agricultural patterns. Drones help farmers manage big areas of crops and expand their production without affecting the standard of the merchandise used.

  1. Blockchain:

For blockchain, the supply chain is a massive area where it can help the agricultural sector. Hence blockchain is implemented widely to track food throughout the supply chain. Tracing food back to its source has become easier than ever before with this advanced technology. This has led to the identification of contaminated supply chains almost immediately. Affected products can be identified immediately before they can lead to irreparable damage by causing illnesses or death.

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