AAIWAY Young Entrepreneurship Group

We would like to introduce AAIWAY’s very own Young Entrepreneur’s Group. This is an initiative by AAIWAY for the students who are interested in entrepreneurship even if they are just beginners.

AAIWAY has a vision to support students and make a change in the society that’s why they absolutely don’t charge students for any sort of mentorship. We invite young talented engineers and entrepreneurs from universities situated all over the globe to bring forth innovative start-up ideas and be a part of this group.

Students having an interest in entrepreneurship can join our Young Entrepreneur’s Group and be a part of this enriching experience. We aim at promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in various universities from all over the world.

Incentives of being a part of AYEG are:

  • You will be provided with entrepreneurial mentorship
  • If you have any innovative ideas, we will be providing you courses and groom you in the best possible way so that you are able to start on the right foot
  • You will be supported with the legal and administrative sides for your start-ups
  • If we find your idea innovative, feasible and inspiring, we will support your start-up financially and provide you a team to back you up to scale-up the productivity of your start-up
  • AYEG is providing talented individuals opportunity to be the campus ambassadors and develops the leadership qualities.
  • Paid Internship opportunities

NOTE: You don’t need to have entrepreneurial idea or start-up for now. You are welcomed to the group if you are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. You can use this time to learn and groom yourself to be an entrepreneur in the future and have an opportunity to work as a paid intern in different teams or departments of the company to understand and learn various skillsets required to be a future leader, founder and CEO of your own start-up.

At AAIWAY we aim at making an impact on society by promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in universities situated all over the globe. This is an effort from our side, Be a part of this change and help us make this fight for a social cause, a successful one.

What you do has a greater impact than what you say.

You have the opportunity to impact the larger section of community